Competition Finalists

Youth Instrumental Highlights

As varied as the notes on a musical score, so is the depth and breadth of our organization. Here is just a sampling of our focus areas:

Competition Finalists


Make A Difference


Bringing Youth in Tune with Classical Music


Our History– In 1953 a group of 13 women joined together to promote local symphony orchestras. Their first project was to sell beverages during intermission at a performance at a local high school. From that humble beginning has grown an organization supported in part by the Maude Bates Fund(begun in 1981)and the Barbara Little Endowment Fund(begun in 2002) While these two trusts help the WSA accomplish its mission, the support of the community, its partners and volunteers- people like you- is what fuels the inspiration of so many young people

Board of Directors

Co-Presidents- Polly Pearce and Rosalyn Evans

Board members- Gail Draude, Susan Seavey, Marianne Nolt, Beverly Michalak, Melinda Myers, Janet Rawleigh, Gloria Bertz

"Where words fail, music speaks."